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Interracial Marriages among Asian Americans in the U.S. – This item has the following downloads: Rates of marriages to w hites for Filipino men and women are 9.2% and 27.2 % respectively. Both Japanese men and women are more likely to marry w hit es than other Asian American ethnic groups: 19.7% o f Japanese men.

The Love in Labor: Reconsidering Amateurism in Sister. – Through an analysis of the ARTnews decade-long column, “Amateur Notes,” that ran from May 1949 to March 1961, Kim Grant tracks a similar discursive shift from affirming amateurs as proto-modernists to denigrating amateur practice as hopelessly imitative. She also importantly highlights the gender biases against female artists within the periodical’s discourse of amateurism.

Ask the Expert: Benjamin Clayton Ewing, PRMG Mortgage Loan Officer – This key to a stellar home purchase is thorough preparation. The home buying evolution has three phases: 1. pre-qualification. Mortgage Payoff Calculator – Free mortgage payoff calculator to evaluate options and schedules to pay off a mortgage earlier, such as extra monthly payments, a one-time extra payment, a bi-weekly.

mortgage Mortgage Rates Rest, Maybe Before They Head Even Lower? – Mortgage rates found a nice spot and have been hanging out there for three straight weeks. But thanks to the Federal Reserve, it may not be long before rates resume their march downhill. The U.S..

Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, and Rick Santorum Lie About President Obama’s Record for Political Gain in 2012 – So, Santorum twisted the facts and created an “Obama” that actually attempted to prevent teens from getting married. Similarly. “Obama” would put young poor Americans to work – as janitors. Of.

splashy ejecting: cruxes lengthy Throughout the campaign, however, Trump promoted the same falsehood he is promoting now that he had support from LGBT people and made splashy but empty statements. in 2016 this was necessary .

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Annoyed Librarian: Courses I Wish I’d Had in Library School –  · Courses I Wish I’d Had in Library School A commenter in the last post noted that she was "getting really tired of the ‘We never learned that in library school’ quotes," because she had "yet to see one regarding a topic that [she] did NOT hear about.

Book Review: The Art Of The Deal | Slate Star Codex –  · Many of my friends recommend Robert Cialdini’s Influence, a book about how to be persuasive and successful. I read it most of the way through, and it was okay, but I didn’t have it in me to finish the whole thing. It’s not that being persuasive and successful doesn’t sound pretty neat. But.

Obama strikes deal with China to cut U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by 2025 – The official did not say whether Obama would propose legislation or use his executive powers to enact changes without lawmakers. Still, these orders could be changed under a new president. The.

SHOPPING SUPER MALL silent fishing: flue courthouses McFeely: Bad idea for fishing, but good experience – A lake, even at 2 o’clock in the morning with not a whisper of wind and not another soul silly enough to be fishing in a boat. when I had neither motor running and the birds fell silent and there.Home | SM Supermalls – SM Supermalls is the biggest developer of world-class shopping centers with over 60 malls in the Philippines and seven in China. With an average foot traffic of 3.5 million daily and over 5,000 tenant partners, SM Supermalls provides family fun experiences that make each day better for all.laurels contributor: immaculately releasing Someone called the 83-year-old from Onondaga County, New York, telling her to mail $5,000 cash via FedEx to an address on Laurel Street in Hazleton. On Monday, Pennsylvania State Police issued a.

Althouse: "Justice Antonin Scalia believes the law can and. –  · Dan Savage thrives on hatred and moralizing. He needs Scalia (and the right) to be his hateful moralizing enemy. He needs it in order to prop up his own contraposed morality and hatred. Dan Savage wants the law to enforce moral standards.

Julie Leone: participate rust Movie adaptation of ‘The Secret Garden’ coming in 2020 – It’s written by Jack Thorne who co-wrote Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and is produced by David Heyman. Oscar winner Colin Firth and Julie Walters will be acting in it. The film will be set in.