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(PDF) Legal Turbulence: Toward an Alternative Jurisprudence – inklings that chaos is more tenacious and pervasive than the dominant discourse allows. This inconsistency has troubled thinkers at various times, and the insight into the (dis-)ordered nature of.

SBF Glossary: I – – (Click here for bottom) I i I Roman numeral for one. This is the one roman numeral that seems very natural. For the claim that Roman numerals are efficient for.

Aztec typefaces – Luc Devroye’s Home Page – Aztec typefaces [Aztec (or Mexica) culture flourished in Central Mexico from 1300 until 1521, during the time in which an alliance of the Mexica, Texcoca and Tepaneca tribes established the Aztec empire. They spoke the Nahuatl language and dominated large.

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Lingw – Musings of a Fish: 2010 – The blog of Tolkien. – The title of this post invokes a rather well-known work of Inklings scholarship, Women among the Inklings (Candice Fredrick and Sam McBride; Greenwood, 2001). The book discusses, among other things, women on the fringe of the Inklings’ coterie: the members’ wives, friends, and fellow authors.

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Life and liberty in America: or, Sketches of a tour in the. – Before shifting my quarters from the desolate hostelry of the Clarendon at the City of the Falls, and repairing to the excellent accommodation of the Monteagle House, two miles distant, near the Suspension Bridge, I sallied out at dawn of day to the ferry, and was rowed across the Niagara River, about half a mile below the falls.

The SAGE Companion to the City – PDF Free Download – Consequently, urban landscapes have become revalorized and devalorized at an often bewildering pace: central cities have characteristically become sites of new urban spectacle; inner cities are pockmarked by sites of gentrified renaissance as well as rampant poverty and criminality; inner suburbs show the first inklings of decline; ex-urban.